Packing Supplies Checklist for the Frequent Traveler

Packing Supplies Checklist for the Frequent Traveler

Packing supplies are must-haves for every home. This is because they come very handy not just in keeping home or office storage organized, but can also keep any traveler or mover ready to be on the go anytime. If you still do not have packing supplies stocks on your home, take a look at the checklist below and start shopping…

Boxes and Containers

Whether you are permanently relocating or simply hauling off things for your month-long vacation, boxes and containers are must-have supplies. There are boxes of all sizes and materials so be sure to shop personally so as to choose those that are perfect for your things. Keep in mind that you want to place things similar in nature (clothes in one box, books in another, bedroom items in another) in one box so you can unpack in an organized manner.

For travelers who simply want to enjoy a short vacation, the main containers needed include luggage bags, totes, backpacks and such.

Tapes and Adhesives

Aside from boxes and containers, tapes and adhesives are basic packing supplies that you should always have enough of. Choose packing tapes that have good hold so your things are kept secure en route to your destination.

Labels and Markers

Never make the mistake of putting your travel, relocation or storage items in boxes without putting labels on them. Labels and markers are packing supplies essentials as they can mean the convenience of knowing where to find things after all the trip or storage hullabaloo is done with.

Bubble Wraps and Cushioning

Storing breakable items such as dinnerware and china, photo frames and home appliances requires having the right cushioning. Be sure to have bubble wraps and other forms of cushioning on your packing supplies list. Wrap each breakable item individually and tape them accordingly so they can be well protected in storage or in shipment.

If you still do not have these packing essentials, start shopping for them now. Look for packing supplies in bulk or sets so they can be purchased cheaper.

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