A Memorable Visit to Salzburg, Austria and The Sound Of Music

A Memorable Visit to Salzburg, Austria and The Sound Of Music

Many people visit Salzburg in October for a memorable tour of the city. A week in Salzburg, Austria will be filled with exciting activities and amazing sight-seeing in places around which the hills are alive with the Sound of Music.

Salzburg’s romantic old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just after sunset in the winter.

You may want to consider a vacation package which consists of features like round-trip airfare, six nights accommodation in at least a three-star hotel, free breakfast in addition to hotel taxes and other extra charges.

The original Sound of Music Tour is the main attraction of this city. During the tour you will see the actual sights where the movie was filmed. In the background you will hear the Original Soundtrack of the movie. The tour itself will be very relaxing and a guide will show you some of the historic landmarks along the way. You will also get a chance to see some of the clips of the movie and the guide will give you an insight into the storyline. People who have taken the tour have enjoyed it very much.

Here is a brief description of the places you will see during the tour:

Mirabell Park & Garden are famous the world over because of their beauty and the interesting history attached to them. In the gardens you can see statues of Roman gods including Venus, Flora and Hercules. The Small Parterre is the part of the lovely gardens which was filmed in the Sound of Music.

Schloss Leopoldskron Castle was also used in the movie as the von Trapp family home and it is one of the most noteworthy buildings in the city. The castle cannot be seen from inside but you will have the pleasure of seeing its front side which has been shown in the movie.

Hellbrunn Castle is another fascination of Salzburg and has become more popular because of its connection with the movie. This castle is commonly known as the hunting castle.

Nonnberg Abbey is also known as Nonnberg Nunnery. The convent consists of the church, a kitchen court, a dining hall and three side-chapels.

St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang holds amazing scenery and breathtaking views which are also shown in the movie. The clear waters and beautiful meadows will keep you spellbound.

Wedding Church Mondsee is the Cathedral where Maria and Captain von Trapp were married. Many concerts are held at this location mainly consisting of music compositions by Mozart and some other classical musicians. The house of Mozart where he lived with his family from 1773 to 1780 was destroyed in the World War II. The modern house which has been turned into a museum has been reconstructed. However, Mozart’s childhood violin, the pianoforte and the letters he exchanged with his family are worth seeing.

This amazing tour ends here. The beautiful memories of Salzburg and The Sound of Music will remain with you for a long time to come.

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